Bird Owners! 
What if you could travel for business or pleasure
with total peace of mind?

All the comforts of home for your beloved feathered companion.... “Too Crazy Birdy Hotel” offers boarding for your companion parrots with health and safety as the first and most important considerations.


Our overnight boarding costs include:

  • Daily handling, human interaction and time outside of the cage.

  • A healthy diet consisting of fresh fruit and vegetables, grains, Zupreme pellets, nuts, birdie bread and Wild West seed.

  • Fresh clean water is always available and checked several times daily.

  • All food is provided but we welcome input if your bird(s) have special needs or favourites.

  • Daily cleaning of cages, "birdie showers" and plenty of enrichments.

  • We provide the cage (let us know if your parrot needs special consideration).

  • We have extensive experience with all species of parrots.

  • Don't worry if you think your bird is “difficult” - we can work with them.

  • If your bird requires medication, we can cover that too!


Reservations are recommended as early as possible.Space is finite at each of our 4 locations as the individual care that is our specialty.

A full information sheet and boarding contract will be done upon reservation. No charge for changes or cancellations - we support parrots and their people as much as possible!

There is no risk in booking now to save your spot, you can fine tune the dates closer to the reservation.

We also accept cheques and e- money transfers.

We bill you at the end of the reservation, monthly stays are billed at the start of each month.