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Life Changes - Long Stays 


Parrots live a long time.  Our lives change and sometimes we need the support of a long stay so that we can recover for an illness, a divorce and life in general. Other times, we want the opportunity to travel to another county and enjoy the journey in months rather than days.  But we do not want to rehome our parrot.  'too Crazy Birdy Hotel was created to support you.  We will negogiate a rate that makes it possible for you to consider a long stay rather than rehoming your parrot.



Bro - is a Blue and Gold Macaw and he was with us for six months  He lived with his family for almost 30 years.  He is part of the family.  Dad got a lung condition and rather than re-home him he came to us while Dad recovered.  He was a She and she laid eggs not long after arriving.  Bro taught me much about Macaws.  It was a journey of discovery for all of us.  In the end Bro got a new homed with F.E.A.T.H.E.R.S. support a match was made and Bro will start a new chapter here on the Island so her family can continue to interact.

Parrot Boarding Vancouver Island, Bird Boarding, Budgies to Macaws, Slater

Sam (Sambo) is a Congo African Gray.  He has an amazing repetoir of entertainment.  He loves to hang out on the top of the cage talking to the world and each day it is more and more amusing.  He now has been here long enough he trusts a shoulder ride around the house.  He loves my cooking and eats with gusto!  He might be missing a few feathers but he is the happiest little bird, who thinks he is human. He came for a month and stayed a year but the excitement is,  he is going home as soon as his family relocates.

parrot boarding, amazons, vancouver island

Charlie is a blue front Amazon.  He arrived this summer and will be staying until his human family get back from Australia.  He is a big boy, so we are giving him lots of healthy food, new things to play with, a bigger cage, all to allow him to move around more and become a stronger lean self.  He is an amazing talker (sometimes for hours with a running commentary).  He is hanging out in the living room.  He loves the other parrots company when they come to stay, especially Roxy and Cha Cha - fellow Amazons. We are becoming his home away from home.  Mom is updated regularly as she misses him dearly.

Brandy  is a Timor Cockatoo, fairly rare both in the wild and captivity.  His family were going through some life changes and decided to board him as they sort out next steps.  They love their feathered baby enough to get a cage he can manoveur around.  It has been a while since he had so much out of cage time.  He loves it and hangs out with our Lacey next door.  Brandy has a bit of a foot injury from birth so soft perches ensures he is safe.

Parrot Boarding Vancouver Island, Bird Boarding, Budgies to Macaws, Slater

Tango is a Quaker Parrot, also known as a Monk Parrot.  Tango comes often as his mom is a Snow Bird.  He loves us both, and knows the difference. He is a chatty little dude who loves t-shirt surfing when I am making birdy dinner and he loves late night tv.  He wakes up asking "where is the puppy dog",  What's that" ... and on it goes. He is coming again this year.  It is a compliment to have his repeat long-stay vacations.

parrot boarding on vancouver island

Jesse - is a Moluccan cockatoo.  He is 55 years old.  He has been with us since May and a wonderful guest. He is the loudest parrot in the flock, hands down every time.  His wonderful Mom's life changed, so he boarded with us for a few months.  He now needs a home.  He is  well-balanced, probably as he was wild caught.  He likes to play in his cage but loves the play house almost as much as Cosmo.  He is learning to step up,  a skill he never learned.  But he is so friendly that a hop onto the shoulder works too. He loves the flock but does not understand his size, so all his play time is well supervised.  He will hang out with us until the perfect home is found.  He desires to live out his life with only one more family.

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