Our Girl Bill. Queen Bill as she is now known as.  She is a Moluccan Cockatoo, about 20 years old.

She is very cuddly when  when you get to know her and she can read your soul.  She is our matriarch as she was our first big bird.  It was a dream come true - as no one knew my longing except our Creator.

Lewie Lewie ,  is a Umbrella Cockatoo. He came from a happy home, as he knows how to play independently. But his claim to fame is is soft cuddles and "I love you whispers" He is truly an Umbrellas with his type A personality  He too is 25 years old.

Suki Bear nee Cicero is the newest member of our parrot family.  She is a Citron Cockatoo and needed to be understood.  She was so insecure and was overpowered by the Macaws in her last home.  Again it was a trust issue with each other.  She can read your mind so I had to declare she was ours or she would have never relaxed.  She is so intuitive, she is my biofeedback baby.

Joey Tomato is a Moluccan Cockatoo. He got a second name because  we took too many Joey's in the parrot world.  Everyone loves Joey, he is a lover not a fighter. He loves to run up and down the floor, has a   very loud screech and he can pick locks.  He has a collar because as a young bird he learned to mutulate himself. He has now healed but still needs the protection from time to time.  He also has a few fashion outfits

Jules  is  a Goffin Cockatoo He was seven years old when we got him. He is Annie's brother.   I thought he would be a "no touch me" bird.  He has a splay leg, and he cannot stand on it, but no one told Jules.  He is anything but.  He loves his cuddles, plays with foot toys and loves to be out and about with Annie.


Lacey is our Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. She is every thing a Cockatoo can be and more.She is 25. It was love at first sight, she picked me, and came home.   She is Miss Mischievous with the other birds, no harm, just alarm but it cause pandemonium.

Billy the Kid is a  Citron/Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. He had too many homes when he came here to foster.  He had fear, you could see it in his eyes.  I claimed him as ours.  He showed me how to build trust with a parrot. A skill I will always be grateful for.  He melts your heart with " nighty bye give me kisses and cuddles".

Poncho and Greenjeans are a Maroon Belly Conure and a  Green Cheek Conure. Poncho arrived first and then Greenjeans needed a home.  He was just staying over night but he stayed forever.  Poncho insisted.  These little dudes are Kip's buddies and are so tame. They are every bit a parrot.  They taught us much about bonded pairs.  It comes in handy when I am looking after their big brothers the Macaws.

Baby Annie is a Goffin Cockatoo.  She is a little darling, but every bit a cockatoo. We stepped up to the plate when she was four months old.  Her brother came with her We started from scratch with hand feedings, as I introduced her to new foods.  Needless to say she is a wonderful, loving, trusting little bird.  She has lots of play time out and about, but she does not fear any thing, so she can cause a raucous at times -but she is so loved.

Roberta is a Scarlet Macaws.  She started her life as Albert but laid an egg. She is 35 years young.  She taught us so much about the expressions and wonder of these magnificent parrots.  She is the Red among so much cream,white and peach.  She can out scream everyone but is very gentle with all her feathered friends.  She is intuitive, a blessing and a beauty.  She has given me excellent Macaw training on the idoscrecies that characterize them

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