We live in Cedar by the Sea, a small area south of Nanaimo, that overlooks Round Island.  We have a large rancher that is our home.  Our companion parrots live among us, just as our parrot guests will.  We have two outside areas we share with our flock, a front patio and a protected side yard, supervised of course. 

Boarding  - now 4 Island Locations

Our Space


  • Parrot Room, among our flock, each in their own cages;

  • Ocean View Room for our guests over looking the sea;

  • Small Parrot Room; completely enclosed with a bay window

  • Safe Room for small parrots that want lots of one-on-one time  



Play time on Boings, Play Stands, Wood to chew, Boxes to take apart, Window ledges to clear,

Play areas inside and out


Our cage or yours......

As we take a limited number of reservations, various sized powder-coated cages are ready for your use. In 2015 we added to our inventory so that we can meet different combinations of parrots.   We put the active parrots in the largest cage possible during their stay.  All cages are cleaned, disinfected  and perches steam cleaned between each use.  If your feathered companion is more comfortable in their own cage, they are welcome as well.  All parrots have time out of the cage to play as well as time with personal one on one interaction, cuddle time, shoulder surfing or hanging out while watching tv, depending on the individual parrots needs.


We have the means to pickup and bring a cage to our place.  We can pick up from Campbell River to Victoria. Pricing would depend on the mileage and time.  If your schedule is full or you have an emergency we can also pick up your beloved pet.


Live on the Mainland?  Coming to you to pick up your parrot can be arranged. Options include using either B.C. Ferries or Harbour Air.  The pick up would include their rates, mileage and time.  For longer stays this might be the viable option so you can relax and enjoy your journey.


Concierge Service - You asked for it, we designed it!  For our guests on the Central, East and North Island we are happy to have you park your car at our place when you drop off your feathered friend.  We are less than 15 minutes from the Nanaimo Airport and B.C. Ferry Terminals.  We are happy to shuttle you back and forth, while you save a little money on transportation costs.  Cost $5.00 a night.

Boarding Checklist: 


  • Travel Cage

  • If you bring a cage it must be clean and in good condition

  • We use Zupreme pellet, Wild West if you use something different please bring it along

  • A cage cover if necessary

  • Special toys and play things

  • Client Information Form

Advantages to Boarding:

  • Peace of Mind - Knowing your parrot is well taken care of in a home environment and has constant care, even for assisting your parrot during any night time emergencies that may arise.

  • Out of Cage Time - Your parrot will receive more out of cage time than if you had someone come into your home for an hour a day.

  • Experience - Feel secure leaving your parrot with experienced boarding caregivers. We take many precautions to ensure the well-being of your parrot.

  • Socialize - Many parrots are not socialized with other birds or other people. It is important to get parrots use to change which is why boarding can be beneficial even if it's for a weekend.


Read more about the advantages of boarding your bird in this excellent article:

https://www.petcha.com and look for https://www.petcha.com/boarding-vs-bird-sitters/ or search that site for "bird boarding".

    3 Boarding Locations on Vancouver Island to Serve You!
         Nanaimo         Comox Valley            Brentwood Bay

                Diana & Kip's Place             Laurie 's Place                                David & Sarah's Place

                1479 Frontier Place             8030 Memory Lane                         1268 Marchant Road

                Nanaimo B.C.                     Merville, BC                                    Brentwood Bay, BC                                                                              

Hours:  Open Daily from 9 am - 7pm, by appointment please - Pre Boarding visits welcome!

RESERVATIONS:  (250) 722-2201 cell (250) 741-6647  FOR ALL LOCATIONS

     call/email Diana Slater for information on bookings