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Our outdoor Parrot Play House


At Too Crazy Birdy Hotel, the “crazy” is not always exaggerated!  We wanted fresh air for our own birds and the parrots we board.  Some of our boarders have family or make friends and want to play together. We usually take out singly, staying very close by to make sure that they feel it is a safe environment. Untreated pine studs, with extra wood layers have been added  for "sacrifical wood for chewing".  Swings, ropes and just being outside make this a free fun, stimulating, stress-releasing activity. The playhouse provides safety from predators.  Remember, this is a playhouse so no food, only water is provided and birds usually are out for a maximum of two hours so that everyone gets a turn. During playtime, supervision is always on the premises and very close at hand as parrots will be parrots!  We respect our neighbours' eardrums,  so cockatoos sometimes have very short stays, especially my own.

Click to see how we play outside in our latest video: "Fall Fun"

Playtime - Sunshine, Fresh Air and Play
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