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NEW!   We come to You" Mobile  Parrot Services

Available in both

Victoria and mid-Island areas

Sometimes, if you have a large flock of birds or you are only gone from home for 24 hours, boarding is not the best solution.  We can come to you and care for your pets with a dropin service.

We even have a team member who can stay overnight for monitoring that all your pets (and dog maybe) are fine.

Call Diana to learn more and to price what the service you would like, custom built for you, would cost.

Sometimes a parrot owner just needs a

"Day Away" or a break from the daily watering, feeding and cleaning!

We are there for you if you are not well and need a bit of help to keep your pets happy while you recuperate.

Even if you have someone looking after your parrots, feel free to use us at Too Crazy Birdy Hotel as a "lifeline" if they have a question or emergency and are not able to reach you, for free!

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