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3 locations on Vancouver Island

We have 3 excellent locations to serve Islanders and parrot owners from the lower mainland.  All locations offer "high touch" personal interaction with your parrot pet.  We feed a highly nutritious diet perfect for each species of parrot, or your food if you wish. Arrive with your pet carrier (or we will pick them up from the airport, harbour seaplane/ferry or from another location on the Island) and we do the rest! Most of our parrot guests enjoy the socialization from watching other parrot boarders, our team interactions with them and our playtime activities at each location.
Each location has the same high standards of hygiene and safety protocols, with daily fresh fruit and vegetables as well as seeds and nuts as appropriate for their diet.  Our Victoria location has a small number of small birds only on longer stays  but we can accommodate other small birds at our Nanaimo and Comox Valley locations.
Have a look at our information on each of our locations and some of our favourite guests!
3 location map ferry shuttle_flat.jpg
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