Small Matters 

Little parrots have big personalities and are often so tame.  At 'too Crazy Birdy Hotel we ensure they get the same love, care and attention their big brothers and sisters do.  They love to body surf with me when I go about the home or work in the office.  If they have full flight feathers they are only in our two rooms, but we hang out with them often so they are never alone for long. Safety is our first concern so depending on the configuration of the visitors for the week, we make sure they are away from the larger parrots.  Little has it's advantages but not up against a giant!  They enjoy the selection of birdie bread and fresh fruit and vegetables prepared just for them. We have the small size Zupreme pellets, Wild West Cockatiel seed, nuts are ground so they can handle the smaller pieces.  They are a treat, and enjoy their "retweet" as well.  Canaries are welcome and actually my hope is they will teach my Cockatoos new sounds.  All this for $5.00 a night.

Tonya and Caya - Two little lovebirds who have stayed for the month.  They can fly so they were in the safety of the office bay window.  They watched as the qual came to eat.  But most of all they flew around the room and landed on Kip's head.  Small is beautiful.

Jelly Bean and Jewels, had a weekend here. Jewels learned to step up. Cockatiels, budgies and little Lovebirds have all had a stay.  They have all the comforts of home including time out of the cage.

Bandit – a Pineapple Conure – is was a young boy just saved from his pet shop experience. He could be very bitey, actually scaring his mom.  The combination of a number of stays, a few little Conure friends that helped him relax with regular handling – he is stepping up. Today he is a very happy , friendly little dude.


Link – A Green Cheek Conure –He too is young but his mom loves him too pieces. Each visit he gets a little braver and soon he is telling the others what to do.  He loves the sunny window in Kip’s office best.  Our little conures hang out their and he enjoys their company.   Like all the little birds, they love the safety of watching the entertainment of the outside birds.

Mango – The yellowest little Lovebird I have ever seen.  He too is a young baby but so love of cuddles, he hangs out with Diana, so often.  He loves that cuddle spot on her right shoulder, it is a perfect fit.y and let your users know a little more about you.



Cleo - is a albinio cockatiel.  She is the Queen in her flock. The bald look is thanks to Colin the love of her life.  She and her four other friends hung out with us for a week in the Bay window, watching the Quail .  This little group were all so tame, Kip had lots of shoulder buddies when he was busy in his office.  Never under estimate the love of a cockatiel.... it is magic.

Hamish – The peached faced Lovebird is one of our more frequent guests. He is so tame and loves to shoulder surf.  He has the same last name as me Slater.  His mommy has so many pictures in little hats.  He truly entertains us with each visit.



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