Frequent Flyers

Many of our feathered guests come regularly throughout the year, some monthly.  It is amazing to have them come and relax, recognizing us and there familiar cage in the same spot.  It is truly like coming to Grandma's house.  We enjoy the opportunity of getting to know their species, becoming their friend and just enjoying their company.  It is a great way to socialize a parrot to new people and other parrots.  They say elephants never forget, neither do parrots.

Jekyll, or "Mr. Bird", a Double Yellow Headed 

Amazon, loves to hang out in the living room, he entertains our guests with O Canada. He is back for his summer vacation with "Ola" as his new greeting.

Cosmo a Blue and Gold Macaw, comes regularly when Dad has to work out of town.  Spirit his flock mate recently started to join him..  He is a lovely bird and loved hanging out in our play house.  He had a big cage and lots of out of cage time as he got to know Kip and I. He is now comfortable with cockatoos and doesn't mind their antics.   

FiFi – A Timneh African Gray – she and her sister are regulars, and she is the social butterfly.  Cage tops are great, so are play stands, shoulders are better, and dinner at the table is the best of all.  Fifi is gregarious so if we are not there she is on the hunt.  She thinks she is not being watched but she is. 


ChaCha – the most beautiful Blue Front Amazon I have seen.  She is just the opposite of her sister.  She is a little shy, loves her playtop cage, and goes back and forth inside as the day beacons  She is a treat, and just fully enjoying seeing Gwog our Amazon girl to have a gossip. Watching all the activity outside keeps her smiling.

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