CeeCe - a Moluccan Cockatoo,  a favorite house guest.  She is the mascot of our F.E.A.T.H.E.R.S. group, she goes to anyone, loves to be held and is the best bird ever.

Francis, a Moluccan Cockatoo that had her own blog - that's maybe why she liked hanging out at the keyboard with me.  She is among the favorites, as an only bird she enjoys the flock and gets more comfortable with them each visit.

Kaz, a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo, a Christmas guest who loved Kip. Kaz has been back for Easter.  He is a welcome guest who gets more familiar with each visit

Coco, a Sengal Parrot - a little dude that just loves to shoulder surf.  

Jekyll, or "Mr. Bird", a Double Yellow Headed Amazon, loves to hang out in the living room, he entertains our guests with O Canada. He is back for his summer vacation with "Ola" as his new greeting

Joey Gray a Congo African Grey

he is disabled from a hawk injury but he continues to recover. He is a special little guy who is easy to care for. He even has his own facebook page  Joey Fawkes Gray

Casper, a Goffin Cockatoo who loves hanging out with Jules & Annie.

Pumpkin, a Moluccan cockatoo. He is a big boy who loves to talk and play with toys. He is a handful for his owner, but here he is a pet because he has not overbonded with me.

Marty Gras, a Citron Cockatoo who loves to watch what is going on.  He is getting to know Merlin, one of his kind.

Merlot A Maximilian's Parrot or Pionus.has come for a few vacations.  He often hangs out with me in my office, as he loves one on one shoulder time. He is well loved at home, so try to meet that expectation when he is here on a "retweet"

 Sammy  An Umbrella Cockatoo, stayed for his families holiday and a little longer.  We enjoyed so many things about him but he finally showed his specialty - a dance that was spectular. users know a little more about you.

Cosmo a Blue and Gold Macaw, was a recent guest.  He is a lovely bird and loved hanging out in our living room.  He had a big cage and lots of out of cage time as he got to know Kip and I.  This year the outdoor playhouse is the hit of the day.  He also likes to hang out with the cockatoos. 

Casper - A Goffin Cockatoo- stays regularly when his mom goes on vacation.  He is the father of our girl, Annie.  His favorite past time is to chew boxes and wood.  He also is an escape artist.  He is a welcome guest and loves to be out during playing time.

Joy - was known as Joey but she brought so much Joy to her mom she adjusted the name.  She is a Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.  She lives with Casper.  She too is an escape artist and is the first bird to go look for a "human being" to hold her.  She does not know she is really a parrot. 

Bob - A Sulpher Crested Cockatoo with an attitude.  He was a perfect gentlemen here. He had cage time out each day, very supervised and with only me. Thus no out of cage pictures. He can be quite unpredictable. What I loved was he sat near my best and sang me songs, including "Happy Birthday". His mom got to go to Disneyland, because of the "toocrazy"

Phoebe an African Grey, Gus's best friend forever had a great stay.  She had every sound in our house copied, except the cockatoos, thank goodness.  She loved hanging out on her cage and ringing her bell.  She has had this bare skin look most of her life but she says she is beautiful on the inside, feathers are optional.

Rocky  is a female Blue and Gold Macaw. She is a beloved family pet and a wonderful guest.  She hangs out in the living room,  She has lots of wood to chew after tasting some our wall.  It is repairable and it will happen again.  She loves nuts and Kip.  Here parents are having a dream holiday in Africa.

 Gus a Congo African Grey - helping me in the kitchen as I start to divide up some boiled eggs, always a big hit in our hotel. Gus is disabled he has a hip dislocation so he had to have medicine morning and night.  You would never know how he got around.  

DaVinci  a Congo African Gray.  He is a young bird that hangs out with his people in Ucluelet.  They love to visit their grandchildren so DaVinci comes for a relax.  It was great practice so he was ready for their regular holiday.  He moved in like he owned the place.  He has many words and sounds and when Sambo and he start the ball rolling -- it is hard to know if it is the phone or them.

Sunny Boy, is a Lesser Sulphur Crested Cockatoo.  He too is a longer term guest/ He was a little shy at first put now loves to be on the boing as well as the gyro, destroys cardboard and loves my cooking.  He had a tough beginning in life, but his new owners adore him.

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