Children under three should not wear a mask.  All masks come with over ear elastic.  is fitted from top of nose to the chin

   extra small. size 3 - 6. fine featured  children


Children under 10 and some fine feature older children All masks come with over the ear elastic.  It is a narrow cheek so the last is not as adjustable

children under 10 with fine features

Extra Small

It is fitted from top of nose to the chin.  Elastic is adjustable for a snugger fit

children in grade school,small women fine featured


Women and others who need the length of the nose part of the mask yet are small featured.  It is fitted from top of nose to the chin.  This is a popular size for women with fine features elastic is adjustable for a snugger fit

Women  with fine features


This is a fitted mask.  It is comfortable yet form fitting to nose and cheek Elastic is adjustable for a snugger fit. Occassionaly an extra length of elastic is required if larger ears. Some men also prefer this size

70% of the masks ordered are regular 


Elastic is adjustable for a snugger fit occassionaly an extra length of elastic is required. It is fitted from top of nose to the chin.  Extra large is available, but so far we you have had three sold and they are made at the time of the order

Large fits 90% of men and some big boned women


Determining your Size

How to order​

  • sent in the contact form at the end of this page 

  • send an email to Diana Slater

  • contact us on messages on Facebook - My Laughing birds

  • call us and chat 250-722-2201

To order please provide

  • your name,

  • your phone number just in case I have questions,

  • your email so that I can invoice to you through my Accounting program. an etransfer or credit card can be used

  • your address to mail your items or deliver them locally

  • the sizes you wish; tiny, extra small, small, petite, medium and large; check sizes carefully, some men like the womens size and some women prefer the youth; extra large is available on request

  •  specifics and preferences

  •  Please note no masks can be exchanged due to the nature of the product. However, if there is a problem we are happy to adjust it, fine tune it or redo it. We want you to be happy and comfortable.


Contact Us

Disclaimer: This mask is not meant to replace the surgical face mask in the market especially during the COVID-19, it is a contingency plan for those who have no availability to surgical masks in the market.

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