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1268 Marchant Road. Brentwood Bay,

Saanich Peninsula

Brentwood Bay Location

Welcome David & Sarah!

Marchant Road,Brentwood Bay

(250) 974-7272


David and Sarah

David and Sarah at our Brentwood Bay Too Crazy Birdy Hotel location have over fourteen years combined parrot guardian experience. They enjoy a colourful and dynamic flock in their home environment and cherish the experience of providing safe, fun care and enrichment for their birds and for yours. From African Greys and Amazons down to precious Lovebirds, Budgies and Finches (and everything in between) David and Sarah are excited and happy to get to know your birds’ wonderful personalities, preferences, likes, dislikes and adorable little quirks.


David and Sarah feed a wide variety of fresh and cooked seasonal foods, hand-crafted grain bake, Zupreme Pellets in appropriate size, and a delicate garnish of oh-so-delicious seed to tempt even the pickiest of eaters.

Located on the Saanich Penisula, their location is ideal for Victoria and gulf Island parrot owners.  Shuttle service is available at the ferry and harbour plane terminals.


David and Sarah - creativity and passion for parrots and westcoast themed jewelry design has given them a life filled with interesting people and their parrots. David applies his avionics metalwork experience into some of the jewelry designs and they are in a constant search for gems that suit their love of this coast. Check out more about their designs on Etsy , Facebook and local showcases.

For a steady feed of new jewelry designs, beautiful stone cabochons and pretty parrots follow their story on Instagram

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