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Why are we BC's Most Trusted Parrot Boarding Service?

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    3 Boarding Locations on Vancouver Island to Serve You!
         Nanaimo         Comox Valley            Brentwood Bay

                Diana & Kip's Place             Laurie 's Place                                David & Sarah's Place

                1479 Frontier Place             8030 Memory Lane                         1268 Marchant Road

                Nanaimo B.C.                     Merville, BC                                    Brentwood Bay, BC                                                                              

Hours:  Open Daily from 9 am - 7pm, by appointment please - Pre Boarding visits welcome!

RESERVATIONS:  (250) 722-2201 cell (250) 741-6647  FOR ALL LOCATIONS

     call/email Diana Slater for information on bookings



Caya and Tonya

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