Comox Valley Birdy Hotel - 8030 Memory Lane, Black Creek Laurie and Bill are there to welcome small parrots, Amazons, Grays, an occassional Macaw but no Cockatoos.  

Reservations for new clients are preferred through Diana Slater 250-741-6647. 

  Kevin Linder is is opening his home in Nanaimo  to Cockatoos and Macaws  Many of you met Kevin as an assistant with me at the Too Crazy Birdy Hotel in Nanaimo.  We worked together since 2017.He is passionate about parrots and has a more open cage protocol.  Kevin worked nine years at Parrot World with Cockatoos.  He has limited space because he has his own flock.  Reservations are preferred through Diana Slater 250-741-6647 finalized with Kevin once we consider the mix of parrots being housed. 

  Karen Carpenter is opening her home in Sooke  to Cockatoos as well as littles, Amazons, African Grays. and any others, with the exception of Macaws.  I have known Karen as a member of Feathers for eight years.  She is very experienced in parrots and taught us many things about the world of parrots.  She was involved in a parrot rescue in the States before relocating

to Sooke.   Reservations are preferred through Diana Slater 250-741-6647

  Home Care for your parrots, dogs, cats,horses and more are another option starting September 1, 2021 

  • Shelley Vander Hoek is mobile on the Island and welcomes opportunities, that include parrots.  She comes with her parrot Cowboy a Double Yellow Amazon

  • Diana Slater, former owner of the Too Crazy Birdy Hotel, will entertain parrot care for those homes who just have two many critters to board out.  Cats, Dogs, Parrots, Bunnies, Lizards, no snakes.  She comes with two little Chihuahua's and two Goffin parrots in tow. She will consider the lower mainland and the interior for longer stays